January 11, 2011

Rebuilt battery
Photo by Jim Ruen
Don’t toss that broken battery pack. Many companies will help you rebuild them, often  with more power and storage.

Talking to a trash hauler at our local garbage transfer station, I asked if he found many rechargeable battery pack tools while on the job. He said he did, and it was hard not taking them all home. He knew that often all that is wrong is the battery pack.

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When a battery pack can’t be recharged, a replacement is often no longer available or if it is, it may be nearly the price of a new tool and pack. The only solution appears to be to throw out the tool and battery pack and buy a new one.

What my trash hauler confidant and I know is that battery packs can be rebuilt. Chris, a reader of this blog, reminded me of that in a recent comment. In his part of the country, he relies on Battery Barn to rebuild his battery packs. Two companies that I have spoken with, Primecell and VoltmanBatteries.com offer similar services. While I haven’t used either of their services, I keep their contact information handy should I need it.

If you do an Internet search, you will no doubt locate others that offer similar services. Some will rebuild a battery pack with even more power and storage. If you use such services, ask about warrantees and if the new pack will work with the old recharger. Ask the company about their experience, and look for reviews online. Primecell owner Joel Cunard suggests looking into rebuilds even if your original unit is still available on the store shelf. Not only are you recycling your pack, but also you may get a better rebuild for less than a new one. 

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