Celebrating America's Favorite Farm Animals with Ducks

by Samantha Johnson
Hobby Farms Presents: Ducks

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All About Ducks
Nothing says spring like ducklings waddling around the farm! The flowers are blooming and babies abound. Adult ducks forage at the water’s edge or glide across the surface participating in a seemingly choreographed dance.

From farm-fresh eggs to nutritious meat to the joy of watching ducklings hatch, ducks add warmth and amusement to your farm’s scenery. Hobby Farms Presents: Ducks has everything you need to know to start raising ducks or to embark on a new adventure with your flock. With beautiful photos and in-depth articles, Ducks is a must for any poultry enthusiast’s or small farmer’s library.

Why Ducks?
Did you know that a duckling uses an egg tooth to zip off the top of its egg or that a 7-week-old duckling will drink almost a half gallon of fresh water? Are you aware of the mistakes made most often by freshly minted duck owners—and how you can avoid them? In our second edition of this incredibly useful magabook (magazine-book), you’ll find insights and tips from long-term duck-keepers plus interesting facts needed for keeping your farm’s ducks healthy.


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Diving Into Ducks
Will you immerse yourself in the waddling birds’ charms?
By Kyra Kirkwood

More Than Eggs
Centuries ago, humans domesticated ducks for varied purposes.
By Sue Weaver

A Buffet of Breeds
First-time owners might find the ideal duck breeds among these options.
By Sue Weaver

Uncommon Quacks
Will you find a rare-breed duck that brings flair to your yard?
By Samantha Johnson

Eggs, Ducklings or Ducks?
A long-time breeder shares insights about starting your duck venture.
By Matthew John

How to Hatch
Use these practical tips to create more quackers.
By Lisa Steele

Brooding the Babies
Fluffy ducklings need six basic items to grow well.
By Lisa Steele

The Daily Demands
Your ducks always want fresh food and water plus clean shelter.
By Cheryl Morrison

The Duck Yard
Create a habitat that satisfies your ducks – and you.
By Jennifer Sartell

Predators and Thieves
You can guard against threats to your ducks and their eggs.
By Kevin Fogle

Well-kept Waterfowl
Preventive health steps keep ducks in fine fettle.
By Cheryl Morrison

Top 5 Mistakes
Avoid tripping up you and your ducks by heeding these tips.
By Kyra Kirkwood

Fun With Ducks
Spend some quality time with your pets.
By Kyra Kirkwood

Friendly Flocks
With good prep, you can mix your ducks with chicken and geese.
By Samantha Johnson

Feathered Profits
Will you sell eggs, ducks or meat to local customers?
By Matthew John

Duck eggs can provide nutrition and flavor to your diet.
By Lisa Steele

Get Crackin’
Recipes for pecan raisin pound cake with salted butterscotch sauce, broiled Italian eggs with balsamic reduction and toasts, and steak and eggs on potato haystack
Recipes and photos by Jennifer Sartell

Duck for Dinner
Recipes for duck stock, seared duck breast with maple orange sauce, roast duck with raspberry wine sauce, duck salad with grilled plums, cassoulet, and duck ravioli with brown butter walnut sauce
Recipes and photos by Patricia Lehnhardt

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