Easy DIY Memo Board

In just minutes, you can customize a station to display household treasures or keep track of important paperwork.

by Emily Lawrence Mendoza

Easy DIY Memo Board 

Whether you use it to display artwork and family photos or house bills and shopping list this, DIY bulletin board can be crafted to match any décor. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, consider one of these easy boards curated with some fun photos as perfect personal and budget-friendly gift.

Materials You’ll Need:

Easy DIY Memo Board 

  • large wood frame (Remove the glass, and save it for another project.)
  • 2-3 pieces cardboard, cut to fit inside of the frame opening
  • dish cloth or other scrap fabric (pressed to remove wrinkles)
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional)
  • duct or masking tape (optional)
  • push pins

Step 1

Lay the dish cloth or scrap fabric facedown on a work surface. Create a pocket by folding the bottom edge of the fabric up and laying the the folded flap facedown. Then place your sheets of cardboard on top of the fabric, and place the frame on top of the cardboard. You’ll want to remove the glass from the frame, but include the frame backing.

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Step 2

Easy DIY Memo Board 

Starting along the top edge, fold the fabric up over to the back of the frame and staple along the back of the top edge of the frame. Once the top is complete repeat the process along the bottom edge, being sure to pull the fabric taut as you go to avoid puckering of the fabric. Repeat the process again along the left and right edges, folding the corners of the fabric in first to give a clean mitered effect.

Step 3 (Optional)

Easy DIY Memo Board 

Add decorative ribbon by stapling it to the back of the frame in a similar fashion as above. The ribbon can make a great place to hang pens and a small notepad.

Step 4

Easy DIY Memo Board 

Trim any excess fabric and ribbon. For a more finished look, consider taping over the raw fabric edges with decorative duct or masking tape.

Step 5

Easy DIY Memo Board 

Add a few push pins, and use the frame mounting hooks on the back of the frame to hang it on the wall.

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About Emily Lawrence Mendoza
Emily Lawrence Mendoza is a graphic designer and crafty mom who recently started her own blog SweetMommyMom.com. She loves sewing and crafting without breaking the bank and using items that can be easily sourced.

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