Embden Geese

The tall, down- and egg-producing Embden has been described as one of the most popular breeds of geese.

by Dani Yokhna

Use: Embden is a heavy goose breed used for meat and feather production. They are the primary breed used in commercial goose production in America.

History: Believed to be developed around the Ems River in Germany, the Embden is one of the oldest breeds of geese. Embdens were first imported into the United States from Germany in 1820. They became popular for commercial goose production and were selected for growth and carcass development.

Conformation: The Embden is the tallest breed of goose. They are massive in appearance with all white plumage and orange bill, feet and legs. They should have a rounded breast and paunch with balanced dual lobes hanging between their legs. Eyes are bright blue.

Special Considerations/Notes: Very popular and useful as barnyard goose, the Embden is the most common domestic goose breed.

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