Episode 10: Garth Kahl


What’s it like to go from knowing nothing about farming to traveling around the world as a consultant to farmers? In this episode, organic farmer and farm consultant Garth Kahl tells us how that path unfolded in his life, how he came to love working with livestock and why he still believes the USDA organic label is the best baseline standard for responsible farm production. Learn how to help get your organic inspection and other vital farm projects paid for with FSA and NRCS funds! Get Garth’s best advice for bringing cattle to your farm or homestead—hint: they’re easier than goats. And hear about why intensive rotational grazing is vital to the health of his Western Oregon farm, in ways that you may not have previously considered.

Garth and show host Lisa Munniksma also talk about water rights in the western US; Garth’s favorite farm meal, which involves growing hundreds of row feet of basil; and how to balance the demands of farming with an off-farm job that involves travel.

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