Episode 13: Anita Ashok Adalja


Listen as farmer Anita Ashok Adalja lets us in on what it’s like to grow okra in the Southwest, including how to “convince” neighbors to try a new-to-them vegetable.

Learn about the Not Our Farm farmworker visibility project, telling the story of and celebrating folks who are non-farm-owning and working on others’ farms. Find out how to have your own story told and hear about the farmworkers guide that’s about to be released.

Dig in to food safety for your small farm with advice from Anita’s place as a farmer as well as a food safety educator. Spoiler alert: If you think about food safety from the perspective of healthy community care, it’s a much less intimidating concept—and you’re likely already doing it.

Tune in to Anita’s hope for the concept of revisioning how sustainable farming fits into our lives.

Stay tuned to the end to learn Anita’s trick for cooking okra so it’s not slimy! And add her favorite okra recipe to your upcoming meal plan.

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