Episode 14: Nathan Harben


Nathan Harben is a farmer at Local Forage Farm in Glenora, British Columbia, a 2-acre homestead that grows ethically raised livestock, fruits and vegetables. He also works with the food recovery team of Cowichan Green Community, a non-profit organization that has focused on environmental sustainability in Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Region since March 2004. 

Listen in as he talks about farming in extreme heat and meeting water needs during times of draught. Learn about local food security measures and how COVID impacted food access for many (and measures to feed people during troubling times). Hear about  methods farmers in areas with short growing seasons do to extend their seasons and grow food year-round. And share in some of his small-farm antics, from chickens laying eggs on the bed to falling in love with fresh asparagus!

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Cowichan Green Community website

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