Episode 19: shiny Flanary


Alinee “shiny” Flanary shares with you her top three tips to improve your farmers market sales in this episode. 

She talks about what it was like to go from “zero to farmer” when she jumped into a farmer incubator program a few years ago. Now managing her Scrapberry Farm, as part of the Raceme Farm Collective, growing primarily herbs for medicine making. Hear about the microfarms and the individuals—including the strengths, skills and challenges they bring with them—comprising the collective.

You’ll also learn about shiny’s Come Thru Market, a BIPOC farmers market in Portland that has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch in 2019. She tells us about how it’s changed and now serves a whole community of farmers and shoppers, plus the market’s exciting plans for expanding its farmer training program, in cooperation with Zenger Farm, thanks to a big grant. (You’ll also learn how to ask for—and get—$50,000 when you really need it.)

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