Episode 23: Juliann Salinas


From her .25-acre mini farm in New Mexico, Juliann Salinas talks all about beekeeping; the fragility of the local food system exposed by the pandemic; the Women, Food & Ag Network; and more.

You’ll learn a quick history of WFAN’s 25 years, from environmental justice to racial justice, all focused on co-creating a just, equitable and ecological food and agricultural system that includes a place for strong women and nonbinary leadership. See where you fit in to the Growing Community Resilience program for support and connection, Harvesting Our Potential mentorship program, Women Caring for the Land education program, and Plate to Politics program to raise up women’s leadership in food and ag policies.

Jules delves into the impact of the inflexibility and vulnerability of our food system, particularly on the Native communities in her area. Hear about the solutions that the community developed and how far it is that we have to go to achieve truly resilient local food networks.

Learn the challenges of farming in New Mexico and what is possible to grow on .25 acre! And stay tuned to the end for Jules’ tips for the beginning beekeeper—including how to expect the unexpected in a changing climate.

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