Episode 30: Chereen Leong Schwarz


by Rodney Wilson

Chef and farmer Chereen Leong Schwarz is on this podcast episode to talk about “local” food from all perspectives. Hear about why Chereen has never eaten a McDonald’s hamburger and how that ties in to her from-scratch, locally sourced food philosophy and her love of cooking and eating country-style food. Chereen tells us about farming in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where they have just 59 frost-free days in the growing season. Listen in on the intimate details of what it’s like for Chereen to help raise animals from birth to harvest and then, as a local-foods chef, to carefully prepare the meat and to be sure the people enjoying the meal understand the value of what they are eating.

Use this farm-kitchen hack: Chereen offers her best tips for using all parts of the food you’re growing, including cabbage cores, carrot tops and random vegetable scraps. 

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Also hear about her Emerging Leader in Food & Ag Award, the community being built by young farmers, and what’s giving her hope for food access and her local farming scene. And listen in until the end for Chereen’s favorite meal and to learn a bit about her other socially conscious business.



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