Episode 35: Emily Trabolsi


by Rodney Wilson

Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good Emily Trabolsi

Filipino-Hawaiian farmer Emily Trabolsi joins Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good to talk about what farming in the Pacific Northwest looks like from a cooperative perspective. Learn about growing upland rice just outside Seattle. Hear about the Agrarian Trust organization and their concept of land and resource sharing, and then Emily shares examples of successful cooperatives from around the world. 

Washington Farmland Trust expanded to have a statewide presence in fall 2021, and that’s where Emily’s work with them comes in. She explains how she helps to connect farmers with land and resources and to facilitate equitable, long-term lease arrangements through the Farm to Farmer program. Emily enthusiastically talks about ideas to bring people together and support new farmers.

Emily brings us into the concept of “putting the culture back in agriculture,” becoming connected to our food system, and why that $6 bag of salad mix is worth every bit of $6.

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Finally, she shares her two favorite farm meals—because she couldn’t pick just one. The recipe for a delicious Filipino pork dish is linked below!

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