Episode 37: Kirstin Bailey


by Rodney Wilson

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Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good Kirstin Bailey

Nebraska farmer Kirstin Bailey talks intergenerational farming, farm transitions, and the free support for farmers offered by the Center for Rural Affairs.

Hear about the four generations of Kirstin’s family living on Fox Run Farms, where they grow fruits and vegetables and keep bees. Kirstin talks about planning a farm business in a rural area, accessing nearby urban markets and bringing the community to the farm. Learn about what it’s like to farm in a place that swings from 100-degree-F-plus temperatures in the summer to -16-degree-F temperatures in the winter.

With a farm that’s been in her family for 123 years, Kirstin talks about how her family has made intentional decisions about succession planning and farm transitions, including the importance of having support to create new farm enterprises to keep the farm viable through the years. Learn about the free support that the Center for Rural Affairs offers to beginning farmers, from business planning to crop- and livestock-specific training. Kirstin has a great success story about a beginner veteran farmer who’s gone through CFRA programs and now has his own thriving farm. 

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You have to listen to the end to hear Kirstin’s advice for getting your farm dreams started and keeping them moving! Plus, Kristin shares with us her 13-year-old son’s farm dreams and a little shot of hope for the future of family farming in rural America.

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