Episode 58: Barbara Lawson


by Rodney Wilson

Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good Barbara Lawson podcast

In a Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good episode that’s just a little bit different than usual, Barbara Lawson talks about gardening’s place in moving through grief.

Hear about how Barbara’s business, Meet Me in the Dirt, eventually grew out of her own grief over her mother’s death and the healing power of her own garden. She talks about healing gardens and shares a really special story about the tropical milkweed that brought home this concept to her.

Learn about the progression of Meet Me in the Dirt, from a group of Facebook followers to a mobile garden Barbara built in a bus to the current iteration of a wellness retreat space full of plants. This plant-filled wellness retreat is in a storefront in a mall, of all places, and serves as a healing space for Barbara’s clients—and it’s not the final iteration of Meet Me in the Dirt.

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Listen to the end and get yourself to a quiet space for Barbara to lead you through a meditation-like experience that she might use in her gardening sessions.


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