Episode 59: Denà Brummer


by Rodney Wilson

Denà Brummer talks farming, gardening and building a life around food in this episode of Hobby Farms Presents: Growing Good.

Hear about Denà’s journey from reading the recipes in Seventeen magazine to throwing epic house parties that were all about the food to studying culinary arts and growing her own food. And now she teaches others about these things! Hear about her new On The Grow business, centered around educating folks about health, lifestyles and habits related to food, picking up where home economics and gardening classes left off. 

Learn about the Garden of Hope community garden, which Denà manages for the City of Hope cancer center. She talks about the Garden of Hope community education programs,  kid-powered farmers market, Produce for Patients food distribution and the upcoming Farmacy work-trade program.

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Denà tells us about the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture nonprofit and its pay-what-you-can networking, international education and fellowship programs. She acts as an Agroecology Fellows Mentor, “breathing life into people’s dreams,” as she explains it. 

Denà shares her personal philosophy behind producing and sharing food, no matter the scale. Hear also about her teaching in the Fundamentals of Food Communication class at the University of Southern California’s Annenburg School of Communication and Journalism.

At the end, Denà shares her favorite food to cook for others. 

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