Episode 6: Amy Dawson & Mike Costello


Listen in as farmer-chef-storytellers Amy Dawson and Mike Costello talk with host Lisa Munniksma about using food and farming to reverse the narratives we’ve all learned about stereotypes of Appalachia. Hear about Amy’s realization that she should look at the ham her family kept in her childhood home (on top of their laundry dryer) with the same pride afforded to world-renowned Iberico hams hanging in homes, restaurants and storefronts across Spain.

Amy and Mike talk about elevating Appalachian food traditions, which were born from a time of poverty and necessity, through the Farm & Forage Supper Club at their Lost Creek Farm and the traveling kitchen food and education events. You’ll also learn the devastating story of how the salt trout tradition and culture disappeared in West Virginia. And if you don’t know about salt-rising bread, listen to the end to hear Amy’s own story of a delicious bread with a stinky distinction.


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