Farm Birthday Party Theme

Click on the images below to download farm-themed party supplies.

by Dani Yokhna

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Farm Birthday: Invitations

Thank-you Cards
Farm Birthday: Thank You Cards

Place Cards
Farm Birthday: Place Cards

Farm Birthday: Bunting

Farm Birthday: Rosettes

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Cupcake Picks
Farm Birthday: Cupcake Picks

Bag Toppers
Farm Birthday: Bag Toppers

Seed Packets
Farm Birthday: Seed Packets

Use these seed packets to capture the heart of your farm efforts and share them with your guests. Assemble the packets, fill them with your favorite seeds, and use them as party favors at your next event. For more information on creating seed packets and saving seeds, read “Tied Up in Seed” by Rachel Dorroh in the May/June 2012 issue of Hobby Farm Home.

Seed Packet Assembly:

  1. Print seed packet template on preferred paper.
  2. Trim away white areas of page, and cut along dashed line; you will have two packets to work with.
  3. Fold along dotted lines to create three flaps. The left side of the paper will become the back of the envelope.
  4. Fold down Flap 1 so it overlaps the back of the envelope. Insert 1/2 inch double-sided tape underneath it and press down. Repeat for Flap 2.
  5. Fold down Flap 3, but do not tape. Punch holes over marked circles, making sure to punch through the flap as well.
  6. Wind yarn or ribbon through holes, and tie shut with a bow.
  7. Write name of seed variety or paste a photo in the box located on the front of the packet.
  8. Write or paste seed name, growing instructions and other details on the back of the packet.

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