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Garden Soil Fertility Management Stages 2 & 3

It's helpful, when establishing a garden, to think of soil fertility management as three stages, with garden building and long-term maintenance as the final two.

The Cox Homestead Specializes In Do-It-Yourself Dried Elderberry Kits

Laura Cox from the Tennessee-based agricultural cooperative Cox Homestead tells us how overcoming a bout of the flu led to inventing one of her venture's most popular products.

How To Harvest & Wet Process Your Own Natural Clay

Clay-heavy soil may be a pain in the garden, but playing around with natural clay has its charms. Here's how to harvest and wet process your own clay.

Electric Fencing Can Protect & Contain Your Chickens

There are different ways to protect chickens against predators, but electric fencing is one popular and effective method. Here's how to get started with electrified poultry protection.

Why Your Farm Needs A Rain Gauge (& Where To Install It)

A rain gauge is one of the simplest and most practical tools a farmer can have, but installing one requires finding just the right location.

DIY Rain Barrel & Drip Line Irrigation System (Video)

Building a DIY rain barrel and drip line system for your garden or small farm is an easy and economical way to irrigate your crops.

How To Prepare Your Farm For Climate Change

With weather patterns already changing across the country, now's the time to start adapting your farm for the impending impacts of climate change.

Recipe: Milkweed Bud Fettuccine (From The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora)

This versatile recipe, excerpted from Alan Bergo's The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora, brings vibrant green from foraged milkweed for a tasty pasta dish.

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