Explore The Anchoring, Therapeutic Power Of Cedar Path Farm

Jodi Briggs Gabriel from the North Carolina-based Cedar Path Farm tells us how growing flowers helps encapsulate the magic of farm life.

Ferment Your Chicken Feed For Numerous Flock Benefits

You can supercharge your feed with simple fermentation. Ferment chicken feed to increase nutrients, improve egg quality, cut the feed bill and more!

This Cool Coop Teaches Environmental Responsibility!

Designed by students using reused materials, this cool chicken coop houses chickens that recycle food and yard waste into rich compost for the school garden!

Tips For Keeping Rodents Out Of The Chicken Coop

Rodents are more pest than predator to chickens, but in the coop they can spread disease and cause destruction, so make sure you don't attract mice or rats.

Embrace Hand Tools On National Gardening Exercise Day

Did you know June 6 is National Gardening Exercise Day? It’s a day hobby farmers should be keen to celebrate. Here are some ideas to get you started:

A Broody Hen Can Hatch Duck Eggs (Excerpt, “An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Raising Backyard Ducks”)

You can use one of your broody hens to hatch duck eggs, says "An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Raising Backyard Ducks" author Gail Damerow.

What You Should Know About Frothy Bloat In Cattle

Are your cattle on pasture at risk of frothy bloat? Learn to recognize the warning signs and what you should do to prevent this fatal condition.

Video: Build A Simple DIY Bee Stand For Your Hives

I'm getting ready for my first year as a beekeeper. My hives are ready, but I'm building this simple, table-style bee stand to keep the boxes off the wet ground.

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