Slaughter Pigs At Any Age Or Stage To Manage Herd Size & Harvest Meat

Large herds require sizable feed commitments, but you can slaughter pigs at any size for delectable meat and easier hog-keeping.

Grow Cover Crops For In-Situ Mulch

Interested in using cover crops in-situ mulch but not sure where to start? Luckily, there are a few options for growing your own organic surface layer.

5 Supplies You’ll Need To Water Bath Can  

Spring has sprung, and soon our gardens will yield tons of good stuff. So get ready to preserve your harvest with these basic water bath canning supplies.

Cuddly Chicks & Marshy The Duck Populate The Clucking Sisters Farm

Dominique Leal from the California-based farm The Clucking Sisters breaks down the personalities that sparkle in her backyard flock.

Say Goodbye To Peat Moss & Hello To Alternatives

As a a garden supply staple, peat moss isn't always easy to avoid, but seeking alternatives is both possible and worth the effort.

Is Your Broody Hen Too Young To Hatch Eggs?

If your hen keeps smashing eggs you hope you hatch, your girl may (for a few reasons) be just too young to serve as a broody. Here's why.

How To Manage Sticktight Fleas In Your Chicken Flock

Sticktight fleas are smaller and less mobile than common fleas, and the parasites love chickens and other poultry. Here's how to prevent or manage an infestation in a flock.

Farm Storehouse: 8 Products For Chickens & More

These farm storehouse products—from a nesting box to a pig book and more—are designed to make your farm life work better!

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