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From The Herb Garden: Serviceberry

A stunning native plant, the serviceberry provides beautiful flowers, a host of medicinal benefits and tasty, nutritious berries beloved by people and birds alike.

What Can The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Do For You?

Whether you’re a new grower or an experienced farmer, connecting with a local NRCS agent puts powerful (and free) tools within easy reach.

Video: Making Mushroom Spore Prints

The colorful, intricate patterns mushroom caps make are a helpful clue to species identification. Here's how you can make your own mushroom spore prints.

Fencing Out Deer Requires Effort—But It’s Worth It

It might be too early to claim a complete and total victory, but on the whole, my fencing and I have finally won the war to keep deer out of my orchard.

The Rotary Plow Is A Powerfully Multifunctional Tool

From breaking sod to creating beds, managing crops and even turning compost, a rotary plow is a versatility powerhouse on the small farm, working homestead or edible landscaped community.

Thinking Vertically & Growing Vine Candy With Southern Home & Farm

Texas Master Gardener Rhonda Kaiser tells us about maximizing space and repurposing vintage objects in the garden at her homestead, Southern Home and Farm.

What Can You Tell From An Eggshell?

Poor health, dietary problems and even physical differences can affect eggshell texture, thickness and more, so pay attention to what your hens lay.

Look For These Spring-Emerging Beneficial Insects

Springtime means garden cleanup, but keep an eye our for these beneficial insects as you ready your space. These bugs are your helpers during growing season!

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