Take Steps To Prevent Shipping Fever In Goats

Follow these steps to protect your goats against shipping fever, a collection of ailments commonly associated with transporting livestock.

What Exactly Is A Cover Crop? (You Have Options)

While there are a handful of accepted cover crop plants, the truth is that cover cropping can be achieved with a variety of plant species.

Tips For Prepping Pigs For Winter Weather

If you choose to keep pigs over the winter, you'll need to prepare their shelter and water dispensers, as well as plan for their health needs, before cold hits.

Growing Native Perennials Successfully From Seed

You can grow native perennial wildflowers from seed for vibrant, sustainable fencerows that are a pleasure to both you and local pollinators.

10 Tasks To Prepare Your Hobby Farm For Winter

When winter weather sets in and the garden dies away, it's time to clean things up, focus on what will remain and (most importantly) get ready for next year's garden!

Sankofa Farms Targets Community Food Deserts

Sankofa Farms founder Kamal Bell tells us how his community-focused agenda uses agriculture and education to solve problems in North Carolina.

From The Herb Garden: Mint Is Seriously Cool

An ancient and wildly diverse herb, mint makes a refreshing tea, brings cooling freshness to dishes and provides a wealth of health benefits.

How To Make A Wicking Tub For Container Gardening (Video)

Save water and reuse old containers with Leon Sloan's wicking tub container garden method. It's easy, inexpensive and efficient—and it really works!

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