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The Cox Homestead Specializes In Do-It-Yourself Dried Elderberry Kits

Laura Cox from the Tennessee-based agricultural cooperative Cox Homestead tells us how overcoming a bout of the flu led to inventing one of her venture's most popular products.

Succession Planting Keeps The Garden Full Of Produce

Use succession planting to make sure your garden provides the food you want when you need it, and without surplus crops you can't use in time.

Ducks & Chickens Bring Joy To A Damsel In A Farm Dress

The popular Damsel in a Farm Dress gardener and homesteader tells us about formulating your own feed and learning life lessons from poultry.

The Living Soil Handbook: A Book for No-Till Growers

"The Living Soil Handbook" by Jesse Frost provides a detailed introduction to no-till vegetable farming, from the benefits to your land to the science at work.

A New Breed Of Yard Shoes Focuses On Productivity

Gardening may not be a fashion-forward event, but the right gear can definitely help you work longer. And specially designed yard shoes keep your feet moving all day long.

Trellis Your Garden Plants To Grow More In Less Space

Want more homegrown crops but short on space? Grow up! You can trellis your garden plants to get a bigger, better harvest with even limited growing space.

10 Tips For Mowing Your Lawn The Right Way

An attractive lawn starts with proper mowing, and these tips and techniques will ensure your grass—whether a patch or acres—grows healthy and strong.

An Upcycled Roadside Flower Cart Holds Pride Of Place At Peace Garden Farm

Chantal Alexy from the New York-based Peace Garden Farm tells us about finding a sunset sense of serenity while walking through her flower field.

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