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The Cox Homestead Specializes In Do-It-Yourself Dried Elderberry Kits

Laura Cox from the Tennessee-based agricultural cooperative Cox Homestead tells us how overcoming a bout of the flu led to inventing one of her venture's most popular products.

How To Prepare Your Farm For Climate Change

With weather patterns already changing across the country, now's the time to start adapting your farm for the impending impacts of climate change.

Succession Planting Keeps The Garden Full Of Produce

Use succession planting to make sure your garden provides the food you want when you need it, and without surplus crops you can't use in time.

How To Start A Mini Nursery For Found Saplings

When you come across special, "found" saplings, you can park them in this tiny arboretum for the time being. Here's how to build and use a mini nursery.

Daylilies, A Common Garden Flower, Are Edible & Sweet

Daylilies are wildly common in flower gardens, but did you know the plants are as edible as they are beautiful? From petals down to its tubers, a daylily offers tons of surprising flavor.

From The Herb Garden: Yarrow Is Beautiful & Beneficial

A beneficial plant for pollinators, herbalists and even brewers, yarrow is an herb that every gardener should know. Grow some in your garden to see for yourself.

Trellis Your Garden Plants To Grow More In Less Space

Want more homegrown crops but short on space? Grow up! You can trellis your garden plants to get a bigger, better harvest with even limited growing space.

You Can (& Should) Eat Those Hostas In Your Garden

Hostas are plenty common in ornamental gardens, but did you know you can eat them, too? Both the shoots and leaves are edible and delicious.

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