Direct-Sow River Oats Now For Benefits Next Season

Chasmanthium latifolium is well-suited for rain gardens, supporting wildlife, preventing erosion and more. And you can plant river oats now, in late fall.

Harvesting Hickory Nuts & Celebrating Kunekunes At 5 Dog Farm

Niki from the Tennessee-based family venture 5 Dog Farm gives us the inside scoop on how to make a four-generation farm prosper.

What Exactly Is A Cover Crop? (You Have Options)

While there are a handful of accepted cover crop plants, the truth is that cover cropping can be achieved with a variety of plant species.

Make Your Own Pain-Relieving Herbal Salve

Whether you're at home or on the go, this simple herbal salve will bring topical relief with just three ingredients—lavender, white willow bark and cayenne pepper!

How To Make Paper From Milkweed Fiber

After the season's bees and butterflies have gone, why not transform those dried-up milkweed stalks into handmade paper? Here's how to make some of your own.

20 Pointers For Preserving Food For Winter Storage

Follow these tips for preserving food in a variety of methods to keep eating fresh from your garden long after harvest.

Growing Native Perennials Successfully From Seed

You can grow native perennial wildflowers from seed for vibrant, sustainable fencerows that are a pleasure to both you and local pollinators.

10 Tasks To Prepare Your Hobby Farm For Winter

When winter weather sets in and the garden dies away, it's time to clean things up, focus on what will remain and (most importantly) get ready for next year's garden!

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