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Video: Creating a Woodland Blewit Mushroom Garden

Clitocybe nuda thrives on layers of organic matter in moist, shady locations. Here's how you can start your own blewit mushroom garden using purchased spawn.

Infographic: How To Build A Straw Bale Garden

A straw bale garden allows you to grow more vegetables earlier—and without having to weed! Here are the simple steps for construction and how to grow in one.

Choosing The Right Equipment Scale For Your Growing

Hand tools? Tractors? More than available acreage, the scale of your growing aspirations should determine the scale of your farm's equipment.

Forage Wild Thistle For An Unexpected Treat

Considered the sign of an ill-kept farm by many, the prickly, persistent and surprisingly tasty bull thistle is best dealt with slathered in cream cheese or sautéed.

Protect Your Garden From Frost & Freeze

When temperatures in late spring and early fall dramatically take a downward tumble, protect your garden from freeze and frost with these tips.

Maximize Garden Growth By Making Microclimates

Recognizing microclimates in your yard (or creating them with things like shade cloth) can help your garden thrive in optimal growing conditions.

What Kind Of Potting Mix Does Your Farm Need?

The type of potting mix you use is critical to the health of your seedlings, so it’s worth making sure that your mix is a good fit for your plants.

Rototillers Can Turn Your Soil Around (Literally)

While it's not always necessary to turn the soil on a farm, a rototiller can be a real timer-saver for acreage that produces year after year.

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