Switching Tanks For Hoses Illustrates An Important Farm Leson

Where a 35-gallon leg tank once met my orchard's watering needs, I now find it's more effective to use a dozen hoses to water my plants. There's a lesson in that for farmers.

My Walk Across Winnipeg For Food Security

Author Zach Loeks did a recent walk across Winnipeg to observe the food security projects citizens are undertaking and to note room for improvement in the urban environment.

Recipe: Fermented Strawberry Basil Salsa 

This fermented strawberry basil salsa not only tastes great on a summer day, it will look great at your next grill out, dinner party or get together!

Tips For Getting Kids To Help Out Around The Homestead  

Summer is when things get hopping on a homestead—and it's also when kids are home from school, so follow these tips to get those little hands helping!

Forage Wild Cherry To Support Wellness

Long used for its heart toning qualities and as a remedy for colds and other ailments, wild cherry is an easily foraged tree and traditional medicine powerhouse.

5 Less Obvious Tools You Need For Gardening

Your collection of gardening tools isn’t complete when you’ve covered the basics. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five less obvious items you need.

My On-Farm Weed Suppression Experiments (Excerpt, “The Ecological Farm”)

In this excerpt from "The Ecological Farm," author Helen Atthowe shares some weed suppression experiments she conducted on her farm.

Do You Need A Rototiller To Start A Garden?

Do you need a rototiller to start a garden? The tool surely prepares a growing space quickly, but a no-till approach can be more beneficial to soil in the long run.

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