A Quick, At-Home Test Of Your Soil Composition (Video)

For a quick idea of your soil composition and necessary amendments, try this easy, at-home test of your three basic soil elements.

Tree Bark, Rice Hulls & More‚ÄĒExploring the Future of Soilless Growing Media

Soilless growing mixes may be made with more regionally-sourced ingredients, new processing techniques over next few years.

Should You Plant Potted Or Bare-Root Trees?

When planting trees, you may wonder whether it's better to start with potted or bare-root offerings. Let's look at the pros and cons of both options.

Growing Medicinal Herbs in Containers (Book Excerpt)

In this excerpt from The Healing Garden by Juliet Blankespoor, the author covers a handful of options for growing herbs in containers.

The Urban Garden Authors Prove ‘Gardening Is Something Anyone Can Do’

Whether you rent in the big city or live on a tiny lot in town, growing food and flowers is still within reach with guidance from The Urban Garden.

Planting, Transplanting & Pruning Trees (Excerpt, “The Home-Scale Forest Garden”)

In this excerpt from Dani Baker’s new book, "Home-Scale Forest Garden: How to Plan, Plant, and Tend a Resilient Edible Landscape," you can learn how to plant, transplant and prune trees.

How To Transplant Tomato Plant Starts (Video)

Potting up your young tomatoes and preventing them from becoming rootbound gives them a great head start. Here's how to transplant tomato plants.

How To Build & Use Your Own Plant Press

Collect and preserve pretty blooms, interesting leaves and fragrant herbs for future gifts and craft projects with this DIY plant press project.

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