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Sew Your Own Fabric Pots For Starting Plants Indoors

Pots made from scrap denim, felt, landscape fabric and other materials are inexpensive, easy to make and good for plants. Here's how to make some fabric pots yourself!

6 Ways A Wheelbarrow Is Perfect For Gardening

The humble wheelbarrow ranks among the most useful, yet underrated pieces of equipment on a productive hobby farm. And wheelbarrows are particularly useful for gardening.

5 New Year’s Farming Resolutions for 2021

To celebrate the welcome arrival of 2021 (and departure of 2020), one farmer shares his New Year's farming resolutions for the coming year, including tree pruning, tractor repair and more.

Video: Chainsaw Selection 101

There's more to chainsaw selection than just heading to the hardware aisle and grabbing a box. Follow these steps to get the right saw for your farm needs.

Learn To Weld & Fix Your Own Farm Equipment

With a minimum investment and some self-education you can begin fixing all of the gates, tractor attachments and trailer hook-ups that have a habit of breaking on your farm.

Should You Measure Hay By The Bale Or By Volume?

Counting individual bales might seem like the perfect way to quantify hay production. But varying bale sizes can muddy the equation.

J. Keeler JohnsonDecember 15, 2020
Oil Grades: Understanding the Secrets of Viscosity

SAE-30, 5W-20 ... oil grades can be confusing. Let's cut through the jumbles of number and letters to understand what they actually represent.

J. Keeler JohnsonDecember 8, 2020
Build This DIY Weasel Box To Keep Your Hens Safe

Danger lurks outside every chicken palace, but this easy-to-make weasel box will keep your girls safe from murderous marauders.

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