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Grow Your Own Livestock Feed With These Garden Crops!

Raising livestock is satisfying, but the feed bill can be jarring, so use your garden space to grow these powerful crops and save some green.

Video: Find Water Lines Before Digging Using Water Witching

How does water witching work? Well, nobody's really sure of that. But the simple, cost-effective technique can save you a lot of time and money when you need to dig without hitting your water lines.

Does Your Barn Need Fresh Paint? Spring’s The Perfect Time

Aesthetics are a viable reason to paint farm buildings, but painting also serves an important practical purpose: to protect your barn and outbuildings from the elements.

Climate Is A Challenge For Growers Across The Globe

Shifts in temperature and other climate changes present challenges for growers and farmers, but some folks are working on finding solutions.

Prepare For Spring Planting By Getting Ready For Row Covers

You can extend your growing season and protect your plants using row covers. Here are some pointers for getting started with season extenders.

An Ecosystem Garden Offers Growers Numerous Benefits

When you design your garden according to ecosystem design principles, you harness the power of natural systems for better yields and more.

BIPOC Farmers: Apply Now through March 31 For Organic Farming Micro-grants

Black, indigenous and people of color can now access funding for potential farm projects through BIPOC Farmer Micro-grants offered by the Rodale Institute, which also features programs for veterans and health care workers.

Tips To Remember When You Sell Your Small Farm

Thinking about selling your farm? The housing market is hot right now, so follow these basic tips for putting your agricultural property up for sale.

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