Do You Need A Rototiller To Start A Garden?

Do you need a rototiller to start a garden? The tool surely prepares a growing space quickly, but a no-till approach can be more beneficial to soil in the long run.

Follow These Tips When Adding Any Farm Outbuilding

Chicken coops, livestock barns and other buildings are essential on the farm, but before you hit the ground running, be sure to follow this advice for individual outbuildings.

Grow Outside USDA Hardiness Lines With Microclimates

Your USDA hardiness zone isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to planting what and when, as microclimates can change options considerably.

Start Collecting & Using The Water On Your Farm

Water is a plentiful and powerful force, and it's important to understand how it moves and collects to put water to adequate use on the farm.

Video: Building A New Farm Garden Shed (Pt. 3)

With the site chosen and base blocks installed, it's time to frame out the foundation and install floor joists for my new farm garden shed.

Woolvie Jerseys & Milking Gyr Is All About Building Relationships

Carlie Barry from the Australian venture tells us how "milking cows is the somewhat easy part of running a dairy farm!"

Keep A Garden Journal To Record Growth & Changes

A garden journal can help you track what works (and what doesn't) in the garden. Recordkeeping can also help you adapt to climate change in the garden.

Compost Like A Pro With This Simple Technique

You don't need an advanced-science degree or superhuman strength to compost effectively. These tips will get you composting in no time.

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