Collect Cleavers (Galium Aparine) For Lymphatic Benefits

Cleavers are a common plant, often found in sunny areas, so forage and use this traveling seed bearer to cleanse and support your lymphatic system.

Freeze & Melt Maple Sap For Sweet Success! 

This ancient technique, based on working with weather, allows you to freeze a lot of sap to jump-start the sugar concentration process boiling achieves.

Harvest Usnea Lichen For Natural Immune Support

Usnea lichens, aka "old man's beard," are as beneficial as they are prolific. Here's how to identity, harvest and prepare this foraging find for medicinal use.

Pheasant Back Mushrooms & Homesteading With The Mighty Muskquatch

Jonah Curtis tells us how a childhood spent exploring the outdoors has led to a fulfilling homesteading life that includes foraging treasures like Pheasant Back mushrooms.

Weeds—When Not To Worry (Excerpt: “Wild Plant Culture”)

In this excerpt from his upcoming book, "Wild Plant Culture," author Jared Rosenbaum looks at weeds—what they are and best ways to approach these plants.

Video: Forage Wild Monarda (Beebalm) For Its Many Uses

Monarda fistulosa, or beebalm, grows wild across most of the U.S. and offers a wealth of valuable uses—culinary, medical and beyond.

How To Harvest Stinging Nettles (Video)

Stinging nettles are often regarded as pesky weeds, but learn to recognize and harvest the plant for their nutritional and medicinal value!

Sheep & Goats Have Year-Round Small-Farm Value

Sheep and goats make excellent livestock for small farms with financial or space limitations, and their products can bring producers some income, too.

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