Collect Cleavers (Galium Aparine) For Lymphatic Benefits

Cleavers are a common plant, often found in sunny areas, so forage and use this traveling seed bearer to cleanse and support your lymphatic system.

Freeze & Melt Maple Sap For Sweet Success! 

This ancient technique, based on working with weather, allows you to freeze a lot of sap to jump-start the sugar concentration process boiling achieves.

Seed Starting Basics (Excerpt: “Small-Scale Homesteading”)

In this excerpt from "Small-Scale Homesteading," authors Stephanie Thurow and Michell Bruhn provide a quick, comprehensive look at seed starting.

The Lomi Countertop Composting Controversy

Some say it’s “legit”, some say “you should quit.” We take at look at what's really going on with the Lomi smart waste kitchen composter.

Raised Beds 101, From Materials To Building & More

Raised beds offer growers numerous advantages, but knowing where to start can be challenging. We take a look at common materials and techniques for growing in raised beds.

Keep Track Of Your Pack With A Smart Dog Collar

If Fido doesn’t stay on your property, you can keep track of him with a smart dog collar. They use GPS to track your dog in real-time, wherever he or she roams.

Keep A Garden Journal To Record Growth & Changes

A garden journal can help you track what works (and what doesn't) in the garden. Recordkeeping can also help you adapt to climate change in the garden.

Grow These Perennial Herbs For Tasty Medicinal Tea

You can grow perennial herbs to make refreshing medicinal tea to enjoy and cultivate wellness. Here are some herbs to consider as you establish a garden.

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