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These Herbal Bath & Body Products Bring The Garden To The Tub

Grow these popular garden herbs and make the following herbal bath and body products for some healthy, refreshing you time.

Chamomile Makes This Herbal Lotion Luxurious

This DIY chamomile lotion produces a luxurious spread that's packed with powerful antioxidants to promote healthy, happy skin.

Take On Cold Season With This Refreshing Herbal Tonic

Cold season is right around the corner (and starting early in some places), but you can strengthen your immune system with this stinging nettle herbal tonic.

How To Save Tomato Seeds From Your Garden’s Tomatoes (Video)

Saving tomato seeds is cost-effective and preserves heirloom qualities from one harvest to the next. Here's how to do it.

Seven Seed Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Have seeds you'd like to keep—and keep viable—for a while? Follow these seed storage dos and don'ts to get the most out of your seeds.

How To Get Started With Rainwater Collection

Save money and give your plants the best with a rainwater collection system. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for starting out.

How to Propagate Black Raspberries & Other Brambles

You can propagate black raspberries or other brambles easily. Try tip layering or simple soil layering to multiply your plant stock—and next year's harvest.

What Items Should You Stock In Your Prepper Pantry?

Prepper pantries help many feel more prepared for the unknown. Stock your own prepper pantry with these items for a well-stocked food supply.

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