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How To Harvest & Wet Process Your Own Natural Clay

Clay-heavy soil may be a pain in the garden, but playing around with natural clay has its charms. Here's how to harvest and wet process your own clay.

Recipe: Milkweed Bud Fettuccine (From The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora)

This versatile recipe, excerpted from Alan Bergo's The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora, brings vibrant green from foraged milkweed for a tasty pasta dish.

How To Start A Mini Nursery For Found Saplings

When you come across special, "found" saplings, you can park them in this tiny arboretum for the time being. Here's how to build and use a mini nursery.

Daylilies, A Common Garden Flower, Are Edible & Sweet

Daylilies are wildly common in flower gardens, but did you know the plants are as edible as they are beautiful? From petals down to its tubers, a daylily offers tons of surprising flavor.

A New Breed Of Yard Shoes Focuses On Productivity

Gardening may not be a fashion-forward event, but the right gear can definitely help you work longer. And specially designed yard shoes keep your feet moving all day long.

Annexation & Your Small Farm: What Now?

When larger municipalities pursue rural areas, it can bring hardship to residents. Here are some potential effects of annexation, as well as what you can do to protect your farm endeavors.

You Can (& Should) Eat Those Hostas In Your Garden

Hostas are plenty common in ornamental gardens, but did you know you can eat them, too? Both the shoots and leaves are edible and delicious.

Understanding The ‘Trees from Seed’ Philosophy

Sow hundreds of native trees in place simply, easily and for free using the trees from seed philosophy, which bypasses saplings for wild tree seeds.

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