Make A Downy Woodpecker House On The Cheap

Providing area woodpeckers with some extra nesting options is as simple as repurposing a large fallen limb. Here's how to build a woodpecker house of your own.

Ducks Can Bring Real Value To The Backyard

Chickens are the standard egg layers, but ducks can bring distinct value to the backyard, too, in the form of eggs, pest control, entertainment and more!

Upgrade Your Greenhouse With Smart Devices

A smart greenhouse can be set up and controlled with a few common smart devices and an online service like IFTTT. Here's how to upgrade your indoor growing!

Video Round Up: 5 Favorite Hobby Farms Stories

We rounded up 5 of our favorite Hobby Farms video stories from the past year. Check them out, then dig into all the great video content from our contributors!

Plant Native Milkweed Now To Help Monarch Butterflies Next Spring

Grow native milkweed to help monarch butterflies! Cold stratification is essential for good germination ratesā€”and simple when you let Mother Nature do the work.

Canning Success with Renee Pottle (Excerpt, “Homemade For Sale”)

In this excerpt from the second edition of "Homemade for Sale," authors John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist speak with canning expert Renee Pottle.

Meat Goats Are Great For Small Farms!

Sure, goats are great for milk and fiber, but many breeds can be raised on small and compact farms to provide healthy, delicious meat for the freezer.

Video: Feed Your Ruminants Right In Fall & Winter

Breeding season is in full swing, and your pastures are likely full of dead grass, too, so here's how to feed your ruminants in fall and winter.

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