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A New Breed Of Yard Shoes Focuses On Productivity

Gardening may not be a fashion-forward event, but the right gear can definitely help you work longer. And specially designed yard shoes keep your feet moving all day long.

Annexation & Your Small Farm: What Now?

When larger municipalities pursue rural areas, it can bring hardship to residents. Here are some potential effects of annexation, as well as what you can do to protect your farm endeavors.

10 Tips For Mowing Your Lawn The Right Way

An attractive lawn starts with proper mowing, and these tips and techniques will ensure your grass—whether a patch or acres—grows healthy and strong.

Understanding The ‘Trees from Seed’ Philosophy

Sow hundreds of native trees in place simply, easily and for free using the trees from seed philosophy, which bypasses saplings for wild tree seeds.

What Can You Tell From An Eggshell?

Poor health, dietary problems and even physical differences can affect eggshell texture, thickness and more, so pay attention to what your hens lay.

Maximize Garden Growth By Making Microclimates

Recognizing microclimates in your yard (or creating them with things like shade cloth) can help your garden thrive in optimal growing conditions.

Give The Hard-Shelled Bushel Gourd A Head Start

The bushel gourd and its relatives need time and space to thrive, but, once dried, the wood-like gourd can be used for a variety of purposes.

Brick Street Farms Breaks New Ground In The Urban Hydroponic Scene

Founder Shannon O’Malley tells us how Brick Street Farms is able to farm the equivalent of 48 acres of land in one third of a parking lot.

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