Say Goodbye To Peat Moss & Hello To Alternatives

As a a garden supply staple, peat moss isn't always easy to avoid, but seeking alternatives is both possible and worth the effort.

It’s Always Sunny & 70 Degrees At Tlush Family Farm

Katie Tlush from the Pennsylvania-based urban indoor farm tells us about creating the perfect environment for oyster mushrooms.

Noisy Chickens: All About Fowl Language

It's true that roosters can make quite a racket. But female chickens get plenty noisy, too, and these communications are nothing to worry about.

Expert Birder Helps Beginners Create, Enjoy Backyard Bird Habitats

"The Backyard Bird Sanctuary" author Alan Baczkiewicz offers tips and tricks for attracting specific birdsā€”and keeping others out.

Crop Plot Rotation In Very Small Spaces (Infographic)

Rotating crops in different plots is important to growing success, and in this infographic we look at permaculture techniques for gardening in small spaces.

Follow The Farmer-ish Journey Of Chick Outta Water

Susan from the Michigan-based Chick Outta Water tells us about warding off hawks, battling coyotes and coming up with food-based chick names.

Attract Birds, Wow Neighbors & Brighten Your Bouquets With A Mixed Sunflower Garden

Depending on your goals and garden conditions, these sunflower varieties are sure to liven up any growing space, so give them a look!

Seed Starting Tips & Tricks For Maximum Success

Get a jump start on your garden by starting some of your seeds indoors! The tips and tricks in this video will ensure you get maximum seed-starting success.

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