10 Tasks To Prepare Your Hobby Farm For Winter

When winter weather sets in and the garden dies away, it's time to clean things up, focus on what will remain and (most importantly) get ready for next year's garden!

From The Herb Garden: Mint Is Seriously Cool

An ancient and wildly diverse herb, mint makes a refreshing tea, brings cooling freshness to dishes and provides a wealth of health benefits.

How To Make A Wicking Tub For Container Gardening (Video)

Save water and reuse old containers with Leon Sloan's wicking tub container garden method. It's easy, inexpensive and efficient—and it really works!

Spotlighting Drought-Tolerant Seeds & Improvised Urban Growing Spaces At San Diego Seed Company

San Diego Seed Company owner Brijette Peña tells us about her fascination with the prolific potential of seeds and her customers' gardening creativity.

Follow These Tips For A Truly Beneficial Compost Pile

Keeping a healthy compost pile is about more than tossing scraps and clippings. Here are some tips for composting right for a beneficial pile.

Wild Dog Farms Blesses The West Oakland Community With “Microgreen Confetti”

Urban farm founder Tchell DePaepe tells us all about the joys of super-potent wasabi and vibrant fuchsia amaranth microgreens.

Don’t Let Wild Parsnip & Other Problem Plants Get Under Your Skin

Resulting in painful blisters, dark spots and even scarring, the sap from certain plant species can trigger 'phytophotodermatitis.'

Are You & Your Farm Prepared For A Health Emergency?

Planning ahead for a potential emergency is the best medicine for your farm or homestead. Here's where to start when getting ready for the unexpected.

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