The Urban Garden Authors Prove ‘Gardening Is Something Anyone Can Do’

Whether you rent in the big city or live on a tiny lot in town, growing food and flowers is still within reach with guidance from The Urban Garden.

How To Transplant Tomato Plant Starts (Video)

Potting up your young tomatoes and preventing them from becoming rootbound gives them a great head start. Here's how to transplant tomato plants.

5 Supplies You’ll Need To Water Bath CanĀ Ā 

Spring has sprung, and soon our gardens will yield tons of good stuff. So get ready to preserve your harvest with these basic water bath canning supplies.

Say Goodbye To Peat Moss & Hello To Alternatives

As a garden supply staple, peat moss isn't always easy to avoid, but seeking alternatives is both possible and worth the effort.

It’s Always Sunny & 70 Degrees At Tlush Family Farm

Katie Tlush from the Pennsylvania-based urban indoor farm tells us about creating the perfect environment for oyster mushrooms.

Noisy Chickens: All About Fowl Language

It's true that roosters can make quite a racket. But female chickens get plenty noisy, too, and these communications are nothing to worry about.

Expert Birder Helps Beginners Create, Enjoy Backyard Bird Habitats

"The Backyard Bird Sanctuary" author Alan Baczkiewicz offers tips and tricks for attracting specific birdsā€”and keeping others out.

Crop Plot Rotation In Very Small Spaces (Infographic)

Rotating crops in different plots is important to growing success, and in this infographic we look at permaculture techniques for gardening in small spaces.

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