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Keney Park Sustainability Project Spreads Excitement About Urban Agriculture

Keney Park Sustainability Project founder Herb E Virgo tells us how initiatives like the organization's home garden kit projects are fostering a sense of self-sustainability.

Take On Cold Season With This Refreshing Herbal Tonic

Cold season is right around the corner (and starting early in some places), but you can strengthen your immune system with this stinging nettle herbal tonic.

How To Save Tomato Seeds From Your Garden’s Tomatoes (Video)

Saving tomato seeds is cost-effective and preserves heirloom qualities from one harvest to the next. Here's how to do it.

Seven Seed Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Have seeds you'd like to keep—and keep viable—for a while? Follow these seed storage dos and don'ts to get the most out of your seeds.

How To Get Started With Rainwater Collection

Save money and give your plants the best with a rainwater collection system. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips for starting out.

Make & Apply Natural Herbicide For Invasive Plants (Video)

Weeds and unwelcome plants are just a part of growing, but you can spot spray this natural, homemade herbicide to kill growth that threatens your garden.

Bite Back At Mosquitoes With The ‘Mosquito Habitat Mapper’

It's not just you—mosquitoes are bad this year. But gardeners and farmers can help researchers better understand mosquito movements and protect public health.

How To Harvest & Wet Process Your Own Natural Clay

Clay-heavy soil may be a pain in the garden, but playing around with natural clay has its charms. Here's how to harvest and wet process your own clay.

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