Farm Storehouse: 8 Products For The Farm & Garden

These farm storehouse products—from seed tape to garden secateurs to a handy caddy and more—are designed to make your farm life work better!

by Hobby Farms HQ

Burro Buddy Wheelbarrow Caddy

Forgo multiple trips to the garage or shed with this plastic organizer that can hold short- and long-handled tools and a drink—as well as a cell phone or other electronics in a water-resistant compartment, all while letting you use the full capacity of your wheelbarrow. 

a black color pipe for farm and garden
Farm & Garden Product

Rocky Mountain Goods Flat Soaker Hose

The double-layered Rocky Mountain Goods Flat Soaker Hose has a lifetime warranty and conserves up to 70 percent of water by delivering it directly to roots and avoiding evaporation. 

Gourmet Colorful Carrots

This blend of gourmet colorful carrots will be a sight to behold at harvest time. Suitable for baby veggies or full-sized roots, this 15-foot seed tape has correctly-spaced seeds of five different carrot varieties: Atomic Red, Cosmic Purple, Solar Yellow, Lunar White and Bambino. 

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Seed Starting Tray

Start seeds successfully year after year with this leakproof, galvanized steel tray. With 24 individual cells, bring the ready-to-transplant seedlings to the garden and leave the others undisturbed.

garden gloves

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Water-Resistant Work Gloves

The Wells Lamont Style 3207 HydraHyde water-resistant leather palm work gloves combine the hardiness of leather and the flexibility and breathability of spandex. Reinforced fingertips and knuckles offer extra protection and wear. 

garden tool

Bahco Secateurs

Turn heavy pruning of shrubs, small trees and vineyards into light work with the cordless, battery-powered secateurs with steel blades that can cut vegetation up to 32 millimeters in diameter on a 6-hour battery.

Seed Tin

Drawing inspiration from the Seed House at Fordhook Farms in Pennsylvania, the tin fits standard-sized seed packets. A coated-metal interior and bottom ensure an airtight seal. 

garden farm tool

CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

The CobraHead Long Handle Weeder and Cultivator garden tool allow you to stand up straight while gardening or weeding. Available in three lengths, the blade shape and angle allows it to cut hard soil and work in uneven or tight spaces.

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