Farm Storehouse: 8 Products to Help You & Your Operation

A stall heater, a leaf-and-debris collection system, odor eliminator and transport racks are among items our editors found.

by Sarah Coleman

Every issue of Hobby Farms magazine, our editors search for items that are useful to hobby farmers, whether they’re heavier equipment such as tractor attachments, useful tools, innovative helper items or accessories for livestock management.

So have a look at the things we found that can help your farm run better or keep you and your animals safer.

1. Stall Heater

Kalglo-brand controlled electric infrared stall heaters provide local comfort heat without affecting the temperature of the entire barn.

Amberway Equine

2. Farrier’s Shirt

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This Patagonia Farrier’s shirt is made of hemp and recycled polyester blend and comes in men’s and women’s versions.


3. Grooming & Bathing Gloves

HandsOn gloves promote circulation, shed coats quickly and keep hands clean while bathing and grooming a dog or cat.

HandsOn Gloves

4. Debris Collection System

TruckLoaders let you fit more fallen leaves and debris in your truck bed or trailer before you have to unload; include an adjustable discharge chute; and can be skid-, hitch- or tailgate-mounted.

Little Wonder

5. UTV Snow Plow

SnowEx’s new straight blade plow for UTVs measures 6-feet wide and can angle to 5-feet, 4-inches wide for narrower applications.


6. Coop Odor Eliminator

Control ammonia odor and help dry out coops when chickens spend more time indoors with Chick Flic odor eliminator.

Chick Flic

7. Snow Pusher

These new 20-Series snow pushers from Worksaver come in widths of 4 and 5 feet and are designed for subcompact tractors with as much as 30 horsepower.


8. Transport Racks

Constructed from aluminum and fiberglass reinforced nylon, Pioneer Elevation racks from Rhino-Rack can transport ladders, wood, camping gear and more.


This story originally appeared in the November/December 2017 issue of Hobby Farms magazine.

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