Farm Storehouse: 10 Products To Help Your Farm Run Better

These farm storehouse products—from a calf blanket to winter nesting boxes and more—are designed to make your farm life work better!

by Sarah Coleman

Every issue of Hobby Farms magazine, our editors search for items that are useful to hobby farmers, whether they’re heavier equipment such as tractor attachments, useful tools, innovative helper items or accessories for livestock management.

So have a look at the things we found that can help your farm run better or keep you and your animals safer.

1. Bee & Willow Home Flannel Sheets are made of soft, brushed cotton and come in solids and patterns.

farm storehouse

2. The AcuRight Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Humidity Sensor features 12- and 24-hour weather forecasting, indoor and outdoor temperature and indoor humidity, and a wireless range of up to 165 feet.
farm storehouse3. The JumpSmart can jump start up to an 8-cylinder, 5.0-liter engine, enough to jump most cars, trucks, ATVs,lawn mowers and more. The unit also includes an LED flashlight and power bank.
farm storehouse

4. The American-made LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool combines the utility of a cant hook and timberjack with the back-saving LogOX Hauler to optimize operating a chainsaw, log splitter or portable sawmill. The set includes the LogOX hauler, cant handle extension and T-bar attachment, which are constructed from hollow-frame American steel and guaranteed for life. The Hauler’s design allows the user to quickly engage, lift and move log rounds or load a log splitter without the strain, pain and wasted energy of continually bending over. 

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farm storehouse

5. The 4-inch capacity FC400 Chipper is designed to handle brush materials and small tree limbs. 

farm storehouse

6. The Manplow is a pushable tool with an extra-wide blade that is available in 42- and 62-inch models, the EZ Glide Edge can clear snow from aggregate, broken concrete and gravel surfaces but won’t scratch or gouge wood or composite decking. 

farm storehouse

7. The Buttermilk Holstein Calf Coat is constructed with a rip-stop, water-repellent outer shell and insulated with Hollofil, and has adjustable straps and a Velcro front closure.

farm storehouse

8. The Horizontal Winter Roost nesting box provides small wild birds a place to perch and rest. 
farm storehouse

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2021 issue of Hobby Farms magazine. Want more products? Check out previous Farm Storehouse offerings

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