Farm Storehouse: 9 Products to Help Your Farm Run Better

A boom mower, a cordless pruner, an ATV manure spreader and an adjustable rake are among the useful items our editors found.

by Sarah Coleman

Every issue of Hobby Farms magazine, our editors search for items that are useful to hobby farmers, whether they’re heavier equipment such as tractor attachments, useful tools, innovative helper items or accessories for livestock management.

So have a look at the things we found that can help your farm run better or keep you and your animals safer.

1. Boom Mower

The Ventrac Boom Mower (pictured above) is designed for property owners who want to maintain difficult areas with minimal labor, with the stability and reach to manage vegetation farther away from the machine than other equipment.


2. ATV Manure Spreader

Loyal ATV Manure Spreader from T.R. Metal Crafters Inc. is simple to operate with two front controls, while the “bear-claw” beaters shred and spread all types of manure (including that mixed with straw).

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Roth Manufacturing

3. Post-It Notes for Extreme Conditions

Post-It Extreme Notes let you leave notes anywhere, in any kind of weather.


4. Flowerpot Brush

Prep pots for winter storage with a flowerpot brush, which has a wood handle and bristles shaped for reaching the edges of any pot.

Garden Talk

5. Cordless Pruner

The Sun Joe Cordless Pruner works on green wood, woody stems and branches up to 1⁄2-inch.

Sun Joe

6. Canning Jar

Streamlined for better ergonomics, this Mortier Pilon pint-sized mason jar can be used in a water bath or a pressure canner to store your produce year-round.

Canning Supply

7. Egg Turning Kit

Brinsea’s new Semi-Auto Turn Kit works with the Mini II and Maxi II Eco incubators and includes a turning mechanism; one standard egg disk for hen, duck and bantam eggs; one small egg disk for pheasant and quail eggs; and full instructions.


8. Adjustable Rake

This steel rake adjusts from 7 to 22 inches wide, locks into place for gardening or working through mulch or between flowers, and can be found at most department stores or online retailers.

Bond Manufacturing

9. Livestock Cleaner

Knock Out removes dirt, grime, feces, urine, dust and stains from the hair and wool of sheep, goats, cows and other livestock.

Sullivan Supply

This story originally appeared in the September/October 2018 issue of Hobby Farms magazine.

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