Farm Storehouse: 9 Products to Help You & Your Operation

An application to help track planting and maintenance records, a generator, a starter ATV and a seed planter and sower are among items our editors found.

by Sarah Coleman

Every issue of Hobby Farms magazine, our editors search for items that are useful to hobby farmers, whether they’re heavier equipment such as tractor attachments, useful tools, innovative helper items or accessories for livestock management.

So have a look at the things we found that can help your farm run better or keep you and your animals safer, including a livestock bath kit, an app to help your farming operation, a generator and a seed planter and sower.

1. Farming Application

Keep your farm at your fingertips with the Farm at Hand app that tracks planting, spraying, harvesting, equipment maintenance records, part numbers and more.

Farm at Hand

2. Honda Generator

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Honda Power Equipment’s new EU2200i Super Quiet inverter generator offers more power with color-coded startup components as well as a new fuel-shutoff valve.


3. Itch Protection for Goats

Naturally combat parasites—lice, mites, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes—in all lifecycle stages with Stop Itch Goat Protector.

Carefree Enzymes Inc.

4. Textron Starter ATV

Built for youth riders 12 years of age and older, the Alterra 90 is powered by a 90-cc, four-stroke engine with an automatic choke and a 15-mph speed governor.


5. Seed Planter and Sower

Cut planting time with the WOLF-Garten Seed Planter and Sower, which plants seeds in straight rows across any landscape.

BlueStone Garden

6. Livestock Bath Kit

Get rid of winter grime and scurf with the eZall Starter Livestock Bath Kit, which has a nine-position rinse attachment, concentrated body wash, foamer and hose nozzle to get your critters clean.


7. Debris-Removal Tool for Fiber Animals

Perfect for removing debris without harming the fiber from llamas, huacayas and suris, the Slick-N-Go creates an electrostatic field that causes debris to fall off the fiber.

Quality Llama Products Inc.

8. Home for Beneficial Bats

Welcome a beneficial colony of bats to your farm to keep insects at bay with this two-celled home to protect bats from the elements and offer them an excellent clinging surface.


9. Garden Hose Rack

The Lifetime Garden Hose Rack comes in two sizes and is made of cast aluminum for weather- and rust-resistance.

Garrett Wade

This story originally appeared in the March/April 2018 issue of Hobby Farms.

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