Favorite Jung & Johnny’s Seeds For Your 2023 Garden

Interested in trying something new in the garden this year? Consider growing one of these interesting offerings from two of our favorite seed companies!

by Hobby Farms HQ
PHOTO: Jung Seed Company

Looking to try some new seeds in your garden this year? We rounded up our favorite options from two seed suppliers—Jung Seed Company and Johnny’s Selected Seeds—to consider for your upcoming growing season.

Jung Seed Company

Part of the fun of growing a garden each year is trying out new varieties, and Jung Seed Company has three of our favorite seeds for the new year. Find out more about these three seeds and other 2023 varieties.  

Bohan Hybrid Beet

This heat-tolerant beet variety (pictured above) adapts to wet and poor soils with ease. It has a long taproot, allowing it to pull nutrients from deep within the soil. Strong, vigorous stems top the 3-inch, rounded beets, which have smooth skin, an attractive deep red color, and a deliciously sweet flavor.

Bohan is highly resistant to soil-born diseases.

Look no further than the Bohan Hybrid Beets for a deliciously flavored beet. This year’s superstar is highly resistant to soil-born diseases and productive. You’ll be enjoying this sweet treat this summer.

Megatron Hybrid Jalapeños

Fill your garden with the biggest, earliest jalapeños around. The Megatron Hybrid Jalapeños bears jumbo fruits 4 1/2 inches long, which are up to an inch longer than other jalapeños. The average Scoville rating is 5,000+. 

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Jung Seed Company

These disease-resistant plants yield loads of peppers that show good shelf life after harvest. The fruits mature to red but are typically used green.

Megatron Hybrid Jalapeños are the must-have jalapeños for 2023. These large, disease-resistant peppers are high yielding. You’ll be craving this all year!

Kai Kai Hybrid Winter Squash

This winter squash is so pretty you may want to use it as fall décor before you eat it! Flattened fruits with deep ribbing begin green with lighter speckles and mature to a beautiful mottled tan.

gardening squash
Jung Seed Company

The thick, dark orange flesh has a sweet flavor and smooth texture, similar to butternut squash. Vining plants have excellent resistance to the mosaic virus and Papaya ringspot virus.

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Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Here are three of our favorite garden seeds for the new year from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Find out more about these three seeds and other 2023 varieties.

Mochi Tomato

This unusual cherry tomato brings an entirely new texture! A Johnny’s Selected Seeds exclusive, Mochi doesn’t burst in the mouth and invokes a gumdroplike eating experience. The large fruits are thin-skinned and uniquely glossy.

garden seeds
Johnny’s Selected Seeds

This indeterminate plant is compact and easy to train, and offers high resistance to leaf mold. Harvest Mochi regularly, and gently, but allow fruits to hang as long as possible for best sweetness.

Night Shift Winter Squash

This high-yielding acorn maintains its intense, dark color and superior flavor and eating quality through the winter holidays and beyond. Vigorous vines provide excellent cover and hold up well under disease pressure.

garden seeds
Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Night shift offers intermediate resistance to powdery mildew and has an average weight of 1 1/2 to 2 1⁄2 pounds. 

Olly Pepper

This organic, early red bell is ideally suited for tunnel or field production. Its medium-large, sturdy plants reliably produce high yields in heated and unheated tunnels.

gardening peppers
Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Large fruits mature a little earlier than similar bells (54 days green; 74 days red ripe). Olly offers high resistance to tobamovirus races 0–2.

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2023 issue of Hobby Farms magazine.

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