Ferrari Designer Has Just Made A Tractor

The design house behind Ferrari models unveiled its tractor at the Agritechnica trade show in Germany.

by Dani Yokhna

Ferrari Designer Has Just Made a Tractor (

If you’ve never heard the name Pininfarina, it’s the design studio responsible for creating models for legendary car companies Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, GM and Maserati. When you think farm equipment then, Pininfarina is probably the last name that comes to mind. However, the Italian car design firm has just created its first tractor.

The tractor design is based on Zetor’s tractors, according to Yahoo!, and was debuted at this week’s Agritechnica trade show in Hannover, Germany. Zetor’s Margareta Vighova told Yahoo!, “Besides technical tractor specifications, our customers also emphasize ergonomics, comfort and design. Pininfarina is one of the most respected design studios in the world. Our engagement with Pininfarina hints to our customers that apart from new products which meet their technical requirements, we are also focusing on an attractive, modern design for our tractors.”

Pininfarina’s Fabio Filippini added, “We are very proud of the first result of our collaboration. It is a tractor with brand new styling that expresses the strength and durability of Zetor machines in a way that also communicates emotion and passion.”

What do you think of the tractor?

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