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Help Your Flock and Poultrify Your Home Decor With These 8 Chicken-Themed Items

Get chicken décor for the kitchen and walls, increase omega-3 in your flock's eggs, automatically open the coop door and be ready for poultry injuries.

by Sarah ColemanMay 16, 2018

Get chicken décor for the kitchen and walls, increase omega-3 in your flock’s eggs, automatically open the coop door and be ready for poultry injuries.

Every issue of Chickens magazine, our editors go looking for unusual items having to do with chickens, chicken-keeping or any aspect related to the two. This time we found eight items

So have a look at the things we found that can help you in the kitchen, increase the amount of omega-3 in your layers’ eggs, put roosters on your walls and help injured chickens.

1. Makeup Bags & Potholders

Keep makeup handy in stain-resistant, chicken-print Large Cosmetic Bags, or bring charm to the kitchen with a Rooster and Hens Pot Holder Set.

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$16 per cosmetic bag, three print choices; $13, one pair of potholders. Fluffy Layers

2. Tin Toy That Pecks

Squeeze the handle of this Pecking Roosters Classic Tin Toy and two roosters take turns pecking into the white bowl. $3.98 at Tin Toy Arcade

3. Henny Penny Pendant

This handmade, wearable Henny Penny and Tale of Chicken Little Story Book Pendant will remind you that the sky is not falling. $9.50 (without chain) at The Pendant Emporium

4. Feed to Increase Omega-3 in Eggs

Purina Layena Plus Omega-3 helps hens produce eggs with up to five times as much omega-3 as store-bought eggs. Prices vary at Purina Mills

5. Rooster Wallpaper

Update any room in your home with Lisle Grey Roosters and Script Wallpaper decorated with a weathered script of colorful roosters. $5 for an 8-by-10-inch sample at Home Depot

6. Coop Protection

All-natural, nontoxic, biodegradable Healthy Pen protects coops, stalls and barns from unwanted winter guests, including spiders, fleas, mites and other arthropods. Prices vary at Carefree Enzymes

7. Automatic Door Opener

This weatherproof, self-locking MKII Hentronix Auto Door Opener specifically made for Snap Lock coops opens just after dawn and closes just after dusk; includes a rechargeable battery and charger; and is shipped from the U.K. $238 (not including shipping) at The Clever Coop Co.

8. First-Aid Kit

The 100 percent All Natural Green Goo Poultry First Aid Kit is made from plant-based ingredients and includes Castile Poultry; Poultry Bugs Be Gone; Poultry Respiratory Care and Animal First Aid. $24.95 at Sierra Sage

This story originally appeared in the Januray/February 2018 issue of Chickens magazine.

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