Cari Jorgensen
August 12, 2015

Inmates Engage in Urban Farming Project (


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Flowers for Dreams, a startup out of Chicago that donates portions of its proceeds to charity, is partnering with Cook County Jail as part of the facility’s urban farming initiative, Huffington Post reports. The program gives qualifying inmates the chance to tend the urban farm while learning horticulture, teamwork and job readiness skills.

The deputy director of jail’s urban farm, Kerry White, contacted Steven Dyme, Flower for Dreams CEO, about partnering in the initiative, which now includes a 1-acre flower garden. After several meetings, Dyme visited the jail, spoke with inmates who were part of the project and visited the garden. Impressed, Dyme agreed to the partnership, Huffington Post reports.

“The flowers looked good, which is the key thing, but I was really happy to support their effort,” Dyme told Huffington Post. “It’s a great way for us to buy local flowers, a huge priority for our business, and to support this innovative rehabilitation program simultaneously was a win-win.”

Inmates Engage in Urban Farming Project (

Cook County Sheriff’s Office

The money earned from this partnership goes toward Cook County Jail’s inmate welfare fund. The funds raised help inmates in the rehabilitative process, which has helped eight participating inmates find work in landscaping or restaurants upon their release, according to Huffington Post.

Do you think every correctional facility should have a program like this?


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