Recipe: Fermented Cranberry Salsa Cream Cheese Dip 

This fermented cranberry salsa recipe puts a colorful, tasty twist on a popular holiday dish. Serve with crackers at your next seasonal get together!

Recipe: Fermented Parsnip Pickles Are Tangy & Tasty

These fermented parsnip pickles make use of root vegetable harvests and Thanksgiving extras for a tangy, garlicky treat that's sure to delight.

Recipe: Fermented Horseradish Root

Make some fermented horseradish from garden-grown roots to make zippy sauces or spreads, or (naturally) to add to a bloody Mary!

Recipe: Fermented Cranberry Orange Relish

Add some tangy zest to the holiday table with this recipe for fermented cranberry relish, which pulls in fresh cranberries and orange for festive flavor!

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