Recipe: Blueberry Infused Vodka (Or Other Alcohol)

Add some fruity flavor to vodka (or other clear liquor) with this easy recipe for blueberry infused alcohol. It's as easy as it is delicious!

Recipe: Funky Fermented Whole Grain Mustard  

Spice up your next barbecue with this fermented mustard recipe! It makes a delicious and versatile addition to any summertime tabletop.

Recipe: Delectable Homemade Maple Sugar Candies

This recipe for delicate, homemade maple syrup candies puts maple syrup‚ÄĒwhether bought or collected and made at home‚ÄĒto delicious use.

Recipe: A Refreshing Strawberry-Vanilla Shrub

This recipe for a strawberry-vanilla shrub infuses flavors of ripened berries with vanilla and vinegar for a deeply refreshing summer drink.

Recipe: Baked Corned Beef & Cabbage Hash With Eggs

This hearty baked eggs dish makes a great anytime meal, with savory corned beef and some green cabbage to lighten things up for spring dining.

Recipe: Dehydrated Banana Chips Are A Tasty Snack

This recipe makes use of ripe bananas to make dehydrated banana chips, a tasty and delicious dried fruit treat that's great for on-the-go snacking.

Recipe: Quick Refrigerator Pickled Red Onions 

This recipe for pickled red onions, prepared quickly with vinegar and without fermentation, makes a crunchy, flavorful condiment good for a number of dishes.

Fermentation 101: Getting Started With Lacto-Fermentation

Curious to try fermentation but unsure how to start? Here's everything you need to know and have on hand to dive into the world of lacto-fermentation.

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