Jessica Walliser
August 4, 2011

Ugh! The stink bugs are in full force now. I knew it would happen, but this is crazy! I have finally started harvesting my tomatoes, and they’re all covered in stink-bug nymphs. The skin and flesh of the fruits is completely corked from their feeding.

The stink-bug nymphs were really getting into the raspberries, too, so I hung up a Rescue! stink-bug trap in hopes of catching some of ‘em. As you can see by the picture, a week and a half later, it seems to be working. I just got another trap to put up in the tomato patch. I will let you know how many I catch in there.

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I am surprised there are so many stink-bug nymphs caught in the trap because it’s a pheremone based trap and the nymphs aren’t “looking for love” yet at such a young age, but, hey, who am I to argue? It’s working, and I don’t really care why! The company says there is some sort of light contraption that you can put in the top and actually use it in the house as well. I’m definitely going to try that this fall when they will, no doubt, start moving in.

My mom and dad were out for a visit last week and commented on all my beautiful weeds. Admittedly, I have more weeds this year than I have ever had before. We spent so much time this spring on installing the new landscape, they got way ahead of me. I did manage to spend a few hours yesterday weeding the strawberry patch and one of the new raised garden beds. I pulled three 30-gallon tubs full of weeds! I think I managed to get most of them before they dropped seed, which is a must do unless I want bigger trouble next year. There are still lots more to go, but at least I feel like I made a dent.

As I mentioned earlier, I have finally started harvesting tomatoes and have been enjoying them greatly. And I have more cucumbers than you can shake a stick at. The first harvest was 39 fruits, the second was 46, and yesterday’s was 48! I have been making pickles and trying desperately to share them with any friends that care to.

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