Garden Pest Sticky Trap

Control or monitor insects by using a square yellow sticky trap.

Excerpt from the Popular Farming Series magabookOrganic Farm & Gardenwith permission from its publisher, BowTie magazines, a division of BowTie Inc. PurchaseOrganic Farm & Garden here.



Sticky traps lure and trap a variety of flying insects on their sticky surfaces, and many non-organic farmers use them to monitor insects as part of an Integrated Pest management (IPM) program. But sticky traps can also be used for garden pest control for insects in the garden and greenhouse. You can buy sticky traps at any well-stocked garden center or make your own traps.


To make your own,  cut rectangles pieces of plastic, cardboard, thin plywood or old flooring tiles. Paint them school-bus yellow and coat the traps with Tangle-Trap, vegetable oil or another sticky material. Suspend them near your plants.

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Yellow sticky traps catch whiteflies, fungus gnats and aphids. However, white sticky traps snare flea beetles.


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