Garden Resolutions for 2010

Lots of stuff I plan to do doesn’t get done. This year, though, I swear I’m going to make it through the list.

by Jessica Walliser
Jessica's 2010 to-do list may be temporary
Photo by Jessica Walliser

Another year bites the dust.

The good news is that much was accomplished in 2009’s garden: The perennial beds were expanded, a raspberry patch was made, 7 chickens found a home, 1 rooster found a different home, boxwoods were pruned, a new viburnum was planted, veggies grew and a damn big pile of compost was spread.

So now I consider what 2010 holds in store.  Every year I promise myself I will be realistic in my gardening goals.  But we gardeners are dreamers are we not?  That’s what we do, dream about the future and grow until we get there.

Lots of stuff I plan to do doesn’t get done.  This year, though, I swear I’m going to make it through the list.  This year will be different for sure.  (Ugh…)

So here goes.  Here’s the list, right here in writing, of the stuff I plan for 2010’s garden.

– Extend the perennial bed in front of the veggie garden and build a tee-pee for pole beans and sweet peas there.

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– Dig up and divide the strawberries.  Replace some of them with ever-bearing varieties.

– Have the gigantic, half-dead spruce tree in the front yard removed and plant something else tall and green.

– Rip out the back patio and put in a new one (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……).

– Put up a grow light and start my own tomatoes from seed (better get crackin’ on this one).

– Divide nearly every perennial in my front border.

– Completely redo the landscaping on the west side of the house.  Right now it’s just a single azalea bush and a whole lot a nothin’ else.

– Mulch all the fruit trees and prune them properly.

– Re-think my to-do list.

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