Gardening in the Snow

I’m having a hard time thinking about gardening with 30 inches of snow on the ground.

by Jessica Walliser
Gardening is going to be put on hold until spring brings the sun back
Photo by Jessica Walliser

I’m having a hard time thinking about gardening with 30 inches of snow on the ground.  It took us three hours to shovel a path to the chicken coop and clear out an area for them to ‘run.’  They aren’t very happy these days and I’m trying my best to remain happy myself. 

 Too bad I already ordered all my seeds, otherwise I might at least find some happiness in perusing all those catalogs.  So now I’m turning my attention to the garden in other ways in hopes of getting to the springtime light at the end of this snowy tunnel. 

I’ve planned my veggie garden for the year.  I don’t get fancy and do it on graph paper or anything like that; I just do it on whatever scrap of paper I can find.  I just did a quick line drawing of my garden’s quadrants then wrote out what I wanted where.  I cross referenced it with my seed ordering list to be sure I didn’t miss anything.  If it all works correctly, it will be beautiful. 

Believe it or not, I have even been spending some time in the garden, despite the piles of snow.  Everyday when we venture outdoors to play, I’m clearing the snow off our small trees and shrubs. 

Under our front window there are four boxwoods that were completely buried under all the snow.  I carefully cleared it all off and tried my best to ‘perk up’ all the branches.  Our little dogwood tree was bent clear to the ground so I picked it back up and cleared the snow piles off the deer netting. 

Unfortunately, no amount of snow removal is going to perk up our ornamental grasses.  They’re smooshed to the ground.  No problem, though, as they get cut to the ground in March anyway. 

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How I will find garden happiness if all this snow sticks around, I don’t know.  I think I’ll head south next week to visit my parents.  I’ll bet Florida is reeking with garden happiness – I’m gonna check it out and report back to you from the sunshine!   

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