German Farm Sells Eggs Via A Vending Machine

Free-range eggs are available round the clock from a streetside machine.

by Cari Jorgensen
PHOTO: Mitvergneugen

German Farm Sells Eggs via a Vending Machine (

I have traveled a lot. I have seen vending machines with the typical waters and sodas and snacks, vending machines that sold feminine products and others that sold everything from sandwiches to ice cream to umbrellas and even Legos. So I thought I’d just about seen it all. That was until I did research for this article.

Hühnerhof der Motte, an urban farm in Hamburg, Germany, has been around for 30 years and was looking for a new way to sell its farm-fresh eggs. The farmers’ solution? You guessed it! A vending machine. The Automaten Eier liegen (automatic egg machine) is located streetside and is accessible 24/7. According to Pop Up City, for €2 (a little over $2 US), you get six eggs from free-range chickens.

Is this something you’d do on your urban farm?

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