Black Chicken: Get To Know Ayam Cemani

This black chicken brings new meaning to the term dark meat. Learn more about this rare breed, which hails from Indonesia.

by Hobby Farms HQ
PHOTO: Dolf van der Haven/Flickr

Meet the totally black chicken. This rare breed from Indonesia is a total blackout.

Its feathers, skin, tongue, comb, wattle, muscles, bones and even organs are black! The feathers produce a metallic green and purple sheen.

The unique looks of this chicken are due to fibromelanosis, a genetic condition that causes hyperpigmentation.

The unusual-looking breed appears to have come from the Cemani village on the island of Java. Ayam means “chicken” in Indonesian.

As such a rare breed, Ayam Cemani have not yet been approved by the American Poultry Association.

The black chicken is said to be friendly, hardy, low-maintenance and easy to handle.

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Mature males weigh 6 pounds, while mature hens weigh 4 pounds.

One thing that isn’t black: its eggs, which are actually cream-colored with a slight pink hue.



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