Give Trees As Christmas Gifts With These Selections

Trees can make excellent Christmas gifts, so check out these varieties—both potted and plantable—to consider for the arborists in your life!

by Rachel Porter
PHOTO: images by Rachel Porter

Trees are thoughtful gifts to give around the Christmas season because they represent intentionality, future plans, and a love for beauty and our planet. Trees can be a very personal gift that represent knowing the recipient well enough to pick out something they would enjoy for years to come. Read below for a gift guide of how to pick out the right tree for the right person. 

Tabletop Trees

Giving indoor holiday trees is a great way to keep someone’s holiday spirit up. The aroma of the trees and the look of the spruces and pines are a great mood booster to enjoy all season long. Most of these trees can be purchased online and in box stores. 

Rosemary Topiaries

Many grocery stores and nurseries sell rosemary plants trimmed in a conical Christmas tree form. This is a great choice for for the chef in your life to keep in their kitchen and use for culinary purposes.

Lavender Trees

Lavender is another great tabletop option to be used in the kitchen throughout the season. The plant has culinary, medicinal and fragrance benefits for anyone who loves essential oils and herbs.

Norfolk Island Pine Tree

The Norfolk Island pine tree has all the beauty of an indoor live Christmas tree in a houseplant size. It is well suited to decorate around Christmas but can also live as an indoor tree year around. The tree does not like cold, though, so this is the perfect tree to bring the outdoors inside during the winter. This is a great gift for someone who loves traditional Christmas trees all year around. 

Lemon Cypress

The lemon cypress tree brings energy and freshness to any home. You can easily find it this time of year in a Christmassy cone shape, but with a zesty twist of lemon aroma. It’s perfect for a high-energy acquaintance with an appreciation for tradition. An added benefit: This tree can be repotted outdoors when it is warmer and continues to grow. 

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Trees to Plant Outdoors

Any time the soil is workable, you can plant a tree. Christmas is still planting time for several zones, so don’t hesitate to find the right tree for the future in a size ready for the ground. These evergreens are wonderful to give at Christmastime because they maintain a Christmas tree look throughout the year.

Here a few few varieties of trees that make perfect Christmas gifts:

Carolina Sapphire Cypress Tree

The Carolina Sapphire Cypress tree is a great choice for gardeners of all levels. It is beautiful and unique looking, with gray, silvery, lacey foliage that maintains an evergreen look—so the recipient can always remember which tree you picked for them. They are low maintenance and adaptable to many soils, with very few pest issues. The tree can be planted almost any time of the year.  Best for Zones 6 through 9, this tree bring Christmas-looking trees to the landscape in warmer areas.

Colorado Blue Spruce

Easy to find this time of year, the Colorado blue spruce is a beautiful blue green Christmas tree you can enjoy year-round. Best in Zones 2 though 7, this tree thrives in colder climates. The Colorado blue spruce is instantly recognizable and easy to identify, and it’s a safe bet for traditional people in your life.

Canadian Hemlock

For the artist and advanced topiary pros, the Canadian hemlock is a great choice. It can be trimmed to any height and shape, and left untouched will reach a height of 40 to 70 feet, with a spread of 25 to 35 feet. It creates a fun challenge for creative gardeners who like to work with their trees. (Zones 3 through 7)

Always do your research on growing zones and soil requirements before gifting someone with a tree to plant outdoors. 

Another thoughtful way to give a tree to someone without strapping them with the responsibility of taking care of the tree is to purchase any number of trees to be planted in National Forests. This is a thoughtful gesture that shows respect for our planet. Several services sell the option to plant trees in someone’s honor, which is a truly special and unique gift to give.

Trees are beautiful, long-lasting and thoughtful gifts sure to make any recipient smile both during the holiday season and long after Christmas has passed. Recipients are sure to appreciate the time invested in researching and selecting the right one for them. 

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