Go Green to Get Green

Recycle your old cell phones and electronics for cash.

by Krissa Finch

The ecoATM allows you to recycle electronics in exchange for coupons and gift certificates.

Have a drawer full of old cell phones? Reward the Earth and your pocketbook by using the ecoATM Kiosk to get rid of old cell phones and other electronics. Simply insert your old electronics into the Automated eCycling Station. The electronic device is valued by the machine and binned inside. ecoATM then spits out a coupon, gift card or charitable contribution in exchange.

Due to the growing number of used electronic devices and the demand for second-hand cell phones and electronics, ecoATM set out in June 2008 to inspect and recycle mobile phones in an easy way. The company devised the automated machine and expanded its original idea to recycle cell phones to support portable consumer electronics and larger devices.

The machines also offer eWaste-compliance data collection and reporting, helping retailers achieve eWaste compliance, offer trade-in or trade-up promotions, increase store spending and enable responsible recycling.

In June 2009, ecoATM installed the first Automated eCycling Station at a large consumer-electronics retailer, and in September 2009, ecoATM began in-store trials with mobile carrier stores and the Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha.

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EcoATM plans to launch additional eCycling Stations with national retailers in San Diego, Boston, Dallas and Seattle.

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