Go Greener By Using A Pedal-Powered Tractor

The Bicitractor is ideal for small to medium-sized veggie farms.

by Cari Jorgensen
PHOTO: Farming Soul/YouTube

If you have a big farm, you might have a big tractor. But what about those who have smaller farms? It doesn’t make sense to have a big tractor that uses fuel and just way too much power for the space provided for the season’s vegetables. That’s where the Bicitractor comes in. Even though its name sounds like it came out of “Jurassic Park,” it’s actually a pedal-powered tractor.

According to Make, the Bicitractor was “[c]reated by farmers for farmers [and] it performs a variety of agricultural tasks, working the soil to a maximum depth of 5 cm (not quite 2 inches), which is popular with the no-till farming movement. It can be used for sowing, weeding, hoeing, harvesting open lines and carrying loads, among other applications.”

It’s also eco-friendly. No gasoline means it also saves farmers money in the long run. Not bad.

The potential downside? The Bicitractor is a DIY project (like IKEA furniture, but farm equipment), so if you’re not DIY-inclined, putting it together might be an issue. (You can, of course, always ask someone else to put it together for you.) According to the instructions, two people are required to put the Bicitractor together and it’ll take 6.5 days. It’ll also cost about $1100 for all the parts.

Click here to find out more about the Bicitractor.

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