Goat Looks Stylish In New Coat, Becomes Face Of Farm Fashion

OK, so Atticus isn’t really the face of farm fashion, but he should be, shouldn’t he?

Atticus is one stylish goat. The fashion-forward farm animal is all about the crisp, clean winter coat … in natural colors of course. What else would a goat wear on his new farm?

Atticus and his brother Harper were born on Feb. 19, 2016. Their mother, Stella, was pregnant when she was rescued. The little family now live at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, where Atticus is showing the other goats how to best wear farm fashion, even when he’s just surveying the land with his mother and brother.

goats, coat
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

But, of course, being the face of farm fashion means Atticus is obligated to let the others know when they’ve made a farm fashion faux pas.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary/Facebook
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary/Facebook

We’re guessing Atticus will remain stylish for years.

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