Goats are Wearing Pajamas and They’re Just So Darn Cute

Goats get cuter when they’re running around in jammies.

Cumberland, Maine is home to the Sunflower Farm Creamery. The farm is home to goats. Goats wearing pajamas. The farm posted a video on YouTube of their goats in their sleepwear having a good time playing. Since then the video has had over 1 million views, sparking more visitors to the farm, which makes cheese, fudge and caramel from the goats’ milk, according to ABC News. Who wouldn’t want to go visit pajama-wearing baby goats? They must be having one heck of a fun slumber party!

What do you think of goats in PJs? Would you ever put pajamas on your goats? It might not be a bad thing, especially in cooler weather. Be sure to check out Goat Coats and Lambie Jammies.

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