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Add this video on growing food and building a business to your informational and inspirational tool kit to help you in your own farm ventures.

by Dani YokhnaFebruary 18, 2009
Video offers inspiration for producers on how to connect with other business and consumers

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What does it mean to make the invisible visible?

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When it comes to our food supply chain, according to Martin Goebel, President of Sustainable Northwest, it’s one thing we can do to help consumers, grocery stores and other food producers understand what it takes to feed our nation–and build our own farm ventures.

In “Good Food, Good Business,” a video by Arnold Creek Productions, food producers, a restaurant owner and even a local grocer talk about the value they see in connecting the dots in the food supply chain; Goebel is one of several food industry experts that also share their knowledge and experience with viewers.

Now more than ever consumers say they’re impacted by food labeling. And they’re ripe for even more!

Take that attitude and mix it with the concept of making the invisible (where the food comes from) visible (the food on our plates)–and you could find new ways to increase profits.

“Good Food, Good Business” offers success stories to help do just that:

  • A grocery-store chain that’s created a sense of community between consumers and regional farmers.
  • A restaurant owner-chef that wins national awards and top ratings for his food. It’s one of the most intriguing conversations; he offers guidance, advice and personal experience–right from the kitchen in his restaurant!
  • Organic farmers that are seeing their businesses grow as they work to align their desire to care for the land and the environment with food industry trends and desires of consumers.

Offering face-to-face, frank conversations with farmers, business owners and food-industry experts, this brief video (26 minutes) is the perfect tool to add to your farming resources.

In a multimedia world, it’s the just the thing to grab the next time you:

  • Have that perennial conversation about starting a CSA
  • Get together with other producers who are looking for ideas
  • Start talking about developing a relationship with your own local restaurant or grocery store
  • Need some personal insight and inspiration into making a profit from the food you grow

Keep it handy!


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About Arnold Creek Productions
Douglas Freeman and David Decker founded Arnold Creek Productions, Inc., in January 2006 to create educational and inspirational media that supports the principles of sustainability and improves the lives of all people. Douglas also is co-owner of Ideascape, Inc., a media production and marketing communications consulting firm. David owns Mercury Productions Inc., a video production firm.

Some of their affiliations include:

  • Oregon Media Production Association
  • Sustainable Business Network (BALLE)
  • Co-op America
  • U.S. Partnership Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
  • Founding members of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

A few honors:

  • 2006 Portland Office of Sustainable Development’s BEST Award for new product development
  • Programs selected for showing at national and international film festivals
  • Numerous media production industry awards
  • 2007 certified as a City of Portland Recycle at Work, which signifies Arnold Creek Production’s commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout its operations