Guerrilla Gardening with Seed Bombs

Turn brown city lots green with the help of seed bombs.

If the brown in your town has got you down, it’s time to start gardening undercover. The guerrilla-gardening movement has empowered urban farmers to green abandoned urban lots and other city spaces with covert gardening techniques. In the video above, you’ll learn one of the most simple guerrilla-gardening methods that you can put to action right away: seed bombs.

Seed bombs were pioneered in the 1970s by Liz Christy, a leader in the guerrilla-gardening movement. To make seed bombs, mix powdered nontoxic clay, water and the seeds of your choice into a thick paste. Then roll the mixture into 1-inch balls (or fashion into other shapes of your choosing), and let dry.

Once the seed bombs are dry, they’re ready to toss into brown lots. After a moderate to heavy rain hits the area, the clay in the seed bombs will melt, and the seeds will start growing. It’s that easy.

Watch the video above as Urban Farm editors Lisa Munniksma and Stephanie Staton take you along on their own seed bomb greening mission.

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