Guinness Book Of World Records May Soon Include A Tweeting Chicken

Betty the chicken started tweeting on Oct. 8, 2015; one of her tweets simply said, "TR DZSM, WSAQ.”

by Dani Yokhna

Chicken Treat, a fast food company in Australia, has embarked on a new social media campaign… with the help of Betty the chicken. The campaign is called #chickentweet and it is exactly what it sounds like. Betty started tweeting on October 8 in an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. Her goal is to tweet a five-letter word in English.

The chain’s CEO, Mimma Battista, told Perth Now, “Social media is a powerful and instant way for us to have a conversation with our customers. We felt the #chickentweet idea would reflect that in lighthearted and unique way.”

Guinness Book of World Records May Soon Include a Tweeting Chicken (

See some of what she’s tweeted so far:





The RSPCA-approved campaign will run through November, according to Perth Now. Will Betty reach her goal? Visit Chicken Treat on Twitter to find out.


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