Heidi Strawn
February 18, 2009

Imagination and hard work, as well as government conservation grants and cost-share programs, helped Michael Bobo and his wife Sharon restore a hog farm turned wasteland. In less than a year, the farm went from 415 acres of fetid lagoons, filth and decay to become “Deeply Rooted Farms,” the country paradise they had dreamed of. 

Read “Hogs to Heaven” in Hobby Farms March/April 2007 issue for inspiration and details on how they accomplished this amazing rehabilitation. Below are more before and after pictures of the Bobo’s western Kentucky farm. More photos of the home/barn.

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Before Lagoon
After Lagoon 
Before Pasture
After Pasture

 Before Driveway

 After driveway

Before roadside

After roadside

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